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Red by KISS Handle-Less Dryer

Red by KISS Handle-Less Dryer

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I received a hair dryer a month ago and wasn’t sure when I would get to reviewing it, but surprisingly I have been blowing my hair out alot recently. From wearing a U-part (seen here) during Essence to doing big braid outs, blow dryers have been a integral part in my hair routine recently.

This leads me to the new Red by Kiss Handle-Less 1875W Hair Dryer. Intrigued, right? I was wondering how a handle-less dryer would feel. Would it make it easier? Would my hand get tired? Would it work?

This dryer comes with 4 attachments. 2 comb attachments for curly girls who prefer those. To be honest, I haven’t used a comb attachment in YEARS. I have gotten so used to using the concentrator attachment with a paddle brush. This was definitely an adjustment. Well, this tool was specifically made for AA women of all hair types.

I sectioned my hair in 4 parts and put on my Ojon products to protect it from heat. Literally in less than 10 minutes, I was done drying my hair! These are the results WITHOUT the use of a flat iron!photo 1


My hair is dry and virtually straight. From there I can curl it like I did here with EDEN products . I can also put it in 2 braids, or practically do anything without having to straighten it and put more heat on it.

Thanks to this super handy Handle-Less Dryer, my dry times have been cut down. And there was no awkwardness with it having no-handle like I expected. It was very easy to use and an easy adjustment.

Definitely give this dryer a shot!! And it’s inexpensive too!