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Recap- Spelman Holiday Hair Debate

I had the awesome pleasure of being on a panel with Adrienne of Me,My Hair & The City and Lawrence Washington of Real Housewives of Atlanta at Spelman College

“My Black Is Beautiful” Ready U Ambassadors put this awesome event together. The Deltas & the AKAs from Spelman hosted the event and “My Black Is Beautiful” was the sponsor.

Wow! We had amazing conversations. I loved to see all of the women in there (seemed like about 200 women) in there with all types of hair- relaxed, natural, and weave. Even though myself and Adrienne could only speak for natural, Lawrence being there gave a great balance so he could talk about relaxers, extensions, and natural hair from a professional’s standpoint.

Myself and Adrienne talked about how our college campuses influenced us to go natural. For me , while I was at Clark, I wasn’t influenced by my peers AT ALL. No one was going natural at the time so I had no support. No one was asking questions about my hair…I just stuck out like a sore thumb.

I was so happy to see the ladies of Spelman get up and give their testimony about how their Spelman sisters have encouraged them to go natural and have been supportive. I wish I had that experience and am so happy to see that things have changed.

Here was one thing that really stood out to me…when Lawrence commented about him not being against relaxers and that they aren’t necessarily bad…there was a huge round of applause from the relaxed ladies. I get the feeling that alot of relaxed ladies are getting alot of flack for staying relaxed due to this huge surge of everyone going natural. This is definitely not cool. I am an advocate of Healthy Hair….I’m not against people who relax but I do see several people who are very harsh towards people with relaxers. That applause said alot to me…we need to stop bashing other women and making them feel bad for their choice to continue relaxing.  Some ladies just don’t want to go natural….and that’s okay…

Another student posed a question about why do we feel people Congratulate ladies who are natural …I didn’t respond out loud but Adrienne and Lawrence did. This student said she had been natural all her life and people congratulate her. This is just something she has always known. I think now some people look at being natural as liberating…and some don’t. I didn’t feel liberated when I did my big chop—but alot of women do. I just looked at it as though I had a new hairstyle that was different than most others at the time. I guess now when alot of people transitioning, people assume if someone is natural….this is something recent for them. Some people have been natural all their life and don’t even look at it like that.

At the end, I had alot of students come up to me with questions Funny, because I get the same questions I always get- “What can you do with heat damaged hair?” and “How can you color your hair without damage?” …two things I know very well from experience.


I had an awesome time and want to thank the ReadyU Campus Ambassadors, the Deltas and AKAs at Spelman, and the awesome students who came through (when there were several other events on campus going on that evening)

Photos from Me, My Hair & The City and my homie Cecilyn’s phone lol