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Recap: SoftSheen-Carson’s “Make Me A Master Stylist” Kick Off At Bronner Bros


I had a great time at SoftSheen-Carson’s Make Me A Master Stylist kick off. Even though I am not a stylist, I gained so much knowledge of how to be a master at whatever it is you do. For those of you interested in the contest, it launches September 2nd. Please go to their Facebook page for more details.

If any stylists that were there weren’t inspired after Master Stylist Johnny Wright’s speech–then they just don’t want it!

Johnny Wright started out by giving us his background up to this point.  Beginning with his grandmother who did hair up until the age of 90 (and was mentored by Madame CJ Walker), from doing hair as a child, to now being the First Lady Michelle Obama’s go to hair stylist.

Wright has a remarkable story and journey. By simply saying “Yes” to any great opportunity that presented itself, he has been able to move very far in his career.

He came up with an acronym for the word Master- for Master Stylist!

Market- Have a great resume and bio, have a nice portfolio, attend events

Attitude- be likeaeble

Skill- Stay current. Watch fashion events, etc..

Tools- have the best products and styling tools available

Education – take classes regularly.

Readiness- You have to be available and ready to go!

The morale of his speech to me was “Say Yes!” . Don’t miss out of an opportunity you may have. You never want to miss out on that one thing that could boost your career to the next level. If he didn’t say Yes to many opportunities he was given, he would never be where he is today.

Now, he is the the Artistic Style Director for Softsheen-Carson and the “First Hairstylist” to Michelle Obama.

Stylists should definitely check him out and check out this contest. This is a great contest with awesome prizes! For more details, please go to my previous post.

I did an interview with him so I will share next week.