Recap: My Weekend At The Essence Festival

A good word to sum up my trip is …eventful. Not all in a good way though! From my iPhone being stolen to police reports to the stampedes on Bourbon St…it was definitely a crazy weekend. There were good times and bad times.

I stayed at The W Hotel which is beautiful!! If you want to party and don’t want to leave your hotel—you can definitely do that there. It was non stop partying until at least 3am. If you went into the lobby at about 3 or later, it was a full on party going on. I know the employees hated that. This was also the venue for Danielle ( ) blogger tweet up with Motions on that Saturday.

Meanwhile, my iPhone was stolen along with Danielle’s! Total bummer for our trip 🙁 You probably noticed I wasn’t Tweeting or Instagramming much 🙁

Most nights you could find me on Bourbon St. lol . Of course I got the famous Hand Grenade (drink), which basically tastes like a jolly rancher. Mostly Midori probably. Without a phone, it put a damper on my vacay. I actually ran into my sister on Bourbon St. because she couldn’t get in touch with me when she got in town. So I didn’t even know she was officially there until we ran into each other on the street. Ugghh!! I don’t see how people used to live without cell phones!!?

Friday morning Danielle and I were on WGNO, ABC 26 Good Morning New Orleans with Motions! This was so much fun! Our call time was 4:30am to finish our hair and head over to the studios. We were the blogger hair models. I will post the video shortly.

Saturday, we had our blogger tweet up with Motions at their Stylebar. Will have a full post soon. I had so much fun!


After the event, I went out to dinner with my aunt and cousin and we headed to Olivier’s. It is a very nice Creole family owned restaurant on Decatur St. You should definitely try it out when you are in town for some authentic food.  I am pictured above with the owners. They look so cute and southern!

I then hung out with all of my family for a little bit before getting ready for the evening parties.

Of course headed down Bourbon for a second with the family

Late, late that evening (like 1am), myself and some Blogger friends were on Bourbon St. after checking out the party at House Of Blues that Terrance J was hosting. Lance Gross and Hosea Chanchez were also there. We walked to Bourbon Street and then a crazy stampede of maybe a thousand people were running toward us. People were falling all over the place. People’s purses and phones were all on the ground after. I lost my shoe..ruined an expensive DVF dress…. ugghh! It was horrible. A friend lost her purse, wallet and phone – later got it back, Thank God. So the last night was definitely eventful.

The next morning myself and my family headed to a breakfast spot. I don’t recall the name. Of course we were greeted with crazy long lines. I hit up the Convention Center again and found the homie FreddyO and hung out with him for a little bit until he spent too much time with The Braxton sisters and I left him lol.

That evening, we ended up getting passes to the concert so Danielle and I decided to catch Eve…cause…well, she’s E-V-E. I used to be (still am) a huge Ruff Ryder fan so I had to see Eve in action. We were pretty close up too!

Early, early the morning I was leaving to head back to ATL around 4am, I come downstairs to a seemingly empty lobby excepppttt… Trey Songz, actor Omari Hardwick, and newcomer Luke James (plus their girls lol) were there. Perfect time for me to look a HOT MESS lol. I would’ve loved to have said Hi but looking too bad lol.

So all in all–tons of fun with bloggers, friends and family…and a trip to the police station one late night and being escorted around The W hotel by police… Interesting combination. What a weekend!

Did you go to Essence? Did you enjoy it?