Real from Real & Chance hair products

After actually sitting through this Real and Chance show (not sure why I am watching it) of course I am still as mesmerized as I was when I first saw Real on I Love New York years ago. Mesmerized by his hair of course lol. I also saw the real thing at Bronner Brothers. His hair is AMAZING! Thats the only reason I sat through this show which—is bad for Vh1 but actually a good show for Discovery or Animal Planet or something else.

Anyway, so I was looking at both Real and Chances natural textures. I’m really jealous of Real though…secretly. Could he ever find a woman who didn’t have longer hair than him? I feel like it would be a jealousy kind of thing.

His hair is kinda looking like Palamalu here! lol I could achieve that with Brazilian curly or Indian curly hair lol.

His hair is gorgeous curly and straight!

So while I was looking for pictures of him, I found out he actually has a hair product line. When I saw him at Bronner Brothers, I thought he was working for another hair company but I guess he was promoting his own company. On his website REAL Silk, his hair looks the best out of everyone- but the other’s hair still looks nice…but you know what I mean…. I am VERY convinced (about EVERY product) that alot of times its peoples hair that determines how their hair will look with a product. Just because two people use the same products, doesn’t mean we will get the same results ,etc… I think thats why so many people become disappointed because of having certain expectations. I certainly realize that just because I use Real’s products, my hair will not come out as straight/smooth as his.

Anyway, just wanted to share his gorgeous hair. At least I think it is gorgeous.