Raven’s cute natural hair

They posted a picture of Raven Symone on today. I love her natural hair. It is soooo cute. I wish she would wear it like this more often. I love it straight as well…but it’s always nice to switch it up a little.

Also, not to be funny, but if you wear weaves alot with your horseshoe out, watch out for damaging the hair thats out. It’s easy to become obsession about making sure your leave out is bone straight like the weave you are wearing…but all that does is changes the look when you wear your natural hair again. She has straight pieces in the front–I’m sure due to constant straightening of the front portion to blend her hair in with her weaves.
ETA: That is a feather
I had a friend who’s hair I was trying to do and it was the same issue…The back curled up, but the front was almost bone straight. You end up having to grow it out all out to make it blend with your own hair.
But Raven looks awesome with the short natural hair.