R.I.P. Whitney Houston! Throwback Hair Pics Throughout The Years

This was a crazy weekend. To find out on Saturday evening that Whitney Houston passed away was like Wow…super crazy! She was so young.

One thing I remember about Whitney besides her AMAZING voice of course… is her HAIR!! Whitney was always a big fan of textured hair!

Let’s take a look at Whitney’s natural hair styles over the year (in no particular order of time): natural hair, textured extensions & braids

Whitney as a child and teenager!


Whitney’s first Entertainment Tonight interview in 1984 with the short crop.

I can’t seem to tell if her hair was cropped short or slicked back…


Love her hair big and curly which reminds me of “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” days! Big texture is so cute and this was when big hair was in! (It’s still in if you ask me!)

Big Curls are always fabulous. Probably achieved by a wet set.

This looks like a mixture of her hair with textured extensions.

This high ponytail is soooo cute!



Whitney with the micro braids with extensions! I barely noticed they were braids!!

Rockin’ the “micros” again. She was soooo gorgeous!

As she got older, she did a shorter cut, but still kept the textured hair!

What was your favorite hair look on Whitney Houston?