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Quick Glam Updo – Natural Hair

Quick Glam Updo – Natural Hair

On Saturday, I had a semi-formal dance to go to and my hair was a hot mess!! lol I was on a week old twist out and it had just came from a pony-tail so time was of the essence. I didn’t have time to wash and re-do my hair.

Here is my quick fix:

Take an old wash & go/twist out and create a part with fingers. It doesn’t have to be a perfect part.

Next, take your hair from the front on one side and twist it away from your scalp and add hair in as you go down to create a smooth look.


Twist the hair all the way down tight and temporarily secure with a clip.  Now, do the other side:


Next, cross the two sides to the other side all the way up and tuck under the other side’s twist and secure with bobby pins until it feels secure.


That was a quick 5 minute style that worked for a semi formal event!

DSC_1029 DSC_1025