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Quarantine DIY: Yarn Wall Decor

Quarantine DIY: Yarn Wall Decor

Since we’ve been stuck at home, I have decided to stop procrastinating and decorate my house finally. I’ve been talking and talking about this for years but either (a) get distracted or (b) don’t like the prices I see.

Prices aren’t as low as I want them to be yet (sadly, many stores will probably be going out of business). I’ve been really on macrame decor and decor with yarn. I found a new YouTuber I’m obsessed with Xo Macenna who does a lot of DIY and thrifting. Perfect for my budget. She’s given me a lot of ideas but for best pricing – I still need to thrift which isn’t possible right now.

I headed to Joann’s website prematurely and just put everything in my cart – from canvases to yarn to paint.

I want my walls to be pretty boho and neutral so I ordered taupe, chocolate and cream yarn from Joann’s. BTW, Joann’s is having great sales weekly AND you can do curbside.

I decided to head to Pinterest to get some ideas and then I headed to YouTube and found this easy design. After deciding what I wanted to do, I sat on the couch and got to it!

Here is the video I used :

I didn’t cut the bottom yet but I plan on cutting at an angle so it has a point in the middle.

This literally only costs an estimate of $4 to make and on Etsy, people are making them and selling them for an average of $45. Make yourself one if you’re on a budget like me or you can support a local designer.

Looks like I’ll be hitting up JoAnn more frequently.

This weekend I’ll be doing work with fabric on a canvas. I’ll share that as well. I also plan on doing a hat wall … and wallpaper in my bathroom. Lol. So many ideas.