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Quarantine Decor: Wallpaper With Double Sided Tape?!?

Quarantine Decor: Wallpaper With Double Sided Tape?!?

I went to a store in Augusta and found some AMAZING WallShoppe wallpaper which (I thought) was adhesive. It was the prettiest palm print and I was so sad I could only find one in the same color (I bought the pink one as well )

Pacifico Palm from

When I got home, my initial idea was to put it in my room where I shoot content but I ended up going with my nephew’s old room since it was newly free of any furniture – but now is filled with piles and piles of my clothes.

This room gets good light in the morning so I thought I could put it on the wall away from the window so it gets all of the sunlight.

1) The wallpaper I picked up was not in fact the adhesive one. (That was my bad! The other ones I picked up were adhesive and I assumed this one was as well) I got the straight up wallpaper. This particular one was pretty thick and the website said to use a paste.

2) I was not feeling the paste idea solo and didn’t want to ask anyone to come over during the quarantine to help me with home decor!

I got a suggestion from JustTheKings and Natural Hair Rebel  to use double-sided tape. Not your standard one you used in school- but the real-deal double sided tape.

I browsed on Amazon and ordered some immediately and got to work!

Lets get to the wallpaper!

This was super tedious. You need some good scissors to cut based on your measurements. You have to match up the leaves exactly if you want the pattern to be without interruption. Whew! This was tough!

Wallshoppe pacifico Palm Wallshoppe pacifico Palm

It actually didn’t take me long at all to put it up. The hardest part was the cutting and lining up.
Wallshoppe pacifico Palm

One roll was able to get the majority of my smaller wall so I wasn’t quite able to finish it. I literally probably needed about 8 more feet to continue- another roll is out of my price range right now.

For now it will be like this until I find an alternative – paint around it, use adhesive palm leaves on the side, or buy another roll.
My purpose of this accent wall originally was to use it as a backdrop for images and video. I decided right before I actually put it up that I actually need a closet room with all of my clothes— I have waayyy too many clothes and constantly purge. So maybe, just maybe, it will go back to being a guest room. For now, I think a closet works 🤷🏽‍♀️!

Two week update: the paper hasn’t fallen at all anywhere so this tape worked out. I bought UALAU tape from Amazon. It did peel off a little paint when I had to reposition the tape so just be careful! (Nothing I can’t fix quickly)

I’m now looking to use an actual adhesive wallpaper I got for my bathroom but I can’t find the source of the wallpaper I got in case I need another one. Also– you end up losing a lot of the paper because of having to line everything up. This makes it quite difficult to know how much you need. Better to have more than enough than not enough.