QOTD: What to do to curly hair at bedtime?

Hi Lexi,

First off, let me say that your youtube channel has been my savior this summer as I am not only transitioning to natural (14 months perm free woo hoo) but also as a way to style my hair to accommodate Alabama’s unforgiving heat and humidity. I have always had a strong natural curl pattern so even when I did have a relaxer I was able to wear my hair curly in the summer. I have not cut my permed ends off and I have about shoulder length hair so majority of my length does not have as much curl definition as my roots. Because of this I have been doing twist-outs that work great but I never know what to do with it at night. I feel like my hair is kind of dry by the time I’m ready to go to bed so I usually section my hair, add just a little light moisture cream, and retwist the sections. This works ok but I know that handling the hair too much also creates frizz. Just wanted to know how to manage my hair at night so that my style is still in tact and I don’t look like I’ve stuck my finger in an electric socket in the morning. Thanks for sharing your hair journey!! It is the best I’ve seen yet!!


Hey Caryn!! Congrats on being relaxer free for 14 months. I know, just like many naturals, that transitioning is hard and can be difficult at times. Congrats on getting through.

As far as nighttime routine, it sounds like you are on the right track. Twist out’s definitely help and to maintain the twist out, I usually retwist at night like you do, but with not as many twists as the original twist out. I may do only 10 twists, instead of my original 20.  It is going to get bigger and bigger and frizzier and frizzier as the days go on and I don’t know how to combat that – (Plus I like big hair 🙂  )

If you do a twist out on wet hair, it usually lasts longer and stays defined longer. I can just put a bonnet on my hair and take it off and fluff it rather than the retwisting every night. Sometimes you get tired and don’t feel like having to do all of that all the time.

Since you have shoulder length hair, you may even want to try a larger bonnet like the one below (From Eco Exquisite)  so it doesn’t push down your hair so much and it will keep the curls in place rather then making them frizzy. Ohh…and a silk or satin pillow case can help as well.

I do think however that frizz is inevitable for curly girls–especially on Day 2 and beyond. Sounds like you are on the right track though. Happy Transitioning!