QOTD- How do I get my hair to grow?

I am going to start doing questions of the day, because I get so many in my inbox and alot of times, they are similar questions.

I have been natural for a couple of years now, but unfortunately my
hair has reached a stagnant growth
Could you please share some advice on how you grow and maintain your healthy hair?


Honestly, I have no idea. Since I was young, my hair just always had a healthy growth rate. When I did my Big Chop, I watched my hair literally grow from a TWA to almost mid back length when stretched in just a snap. I feel like I am at my stagnant length as well. I think it’s kinda like my nails…they are growing, but at a certain point they break.  I know my hair is growing because I can see the dye growing out, but I don’t see the length.

What got me to this length? I really don’t know. I use all of the products and ingredients that are supposed No-No’s in the Natural Hair community (hence why I don’t listen to everyone about what to put and what to not put in my hair).  I really don’t do anything extra or different to my hair. I rinse/wash at least twice a week- In the summer sometimes more. All of those “harmful” ingredients I have been using- I still have healthy and lengthy hair. I think any product/ingredient in moderation is best…any ingredient, if you use it too much may have a negative effect.

I don’t believe in magic bean pills that I see all over the forums that help your hair grow down your back…but I do believe that health takes play into hair growth more than anything. So many are concerned with what to put on the outside, but not worried about the inside. I’m not saying I am a healthy person (far from it, but trying to be)…but vitamins and healthy eating, exercising, etc help in the long run- According to my dermatologist.

Sorry I really don’t have an answer. You can take three people who all use the same practices, same routine, same products, and get different hair growth. It is something that alot of us ponder, but most don’t even know what the key is to their hair growth.

If you have a question, I may not have the answer–but I can do a little research and try to provide some insight. Email me at Lexi@curlscoilsandkinks(dot)com