QOTD: Hair pattern “weakening” or hair thinning?

I got this question on Youtube:

“From the time you started transitioning…to now it seems as though your hair has gotten limp and I’m guessing that is due to the hair straightening you do often. When I say limp I mean not as curly but like a weaker curl pattern. I have a section of my hair that has went through that same encounter after straightening it a few times. It’s as though_ it is thinning your hair as well. Would you agree?”

Lexi- So basically my response to this is that as your hair grows, your hair becomes heavier and weighs down your hair. Thats why people complain when their hair gets longer and it is now “growing down” versus “growing out” like it did when your hair was shorter. The longer the hair (depending on your hair texture in the first place), the heavier and weighed down your curls become.

I don’t straighten my hair often…Well… I don’t see 4 times a year as often in the scheme of a year. Yes I have some areas where the texture has loosened due to straightening but it is not much and generally not noticeable.

I don’t believe my hair is thinning, but I think the weight mixed with the color has changed some areas of my hair texture over time.