QOTD: Any advice for color-treated hair

Hi Lexi,
I’ve recently colored my natural hair brown. Since this was the first time I’ve ever colored my hair, I’m completely clueless about what products I need to help keep the color vibrant and my hair from becoming dry and damaged. Do you have any advice or favorite products you use for your color-treated hair?

Thank you,

Hi J,

I have been getting my hair colored for some time now so I am always looking at new products (1) to keep my color lasting and (2) to keep my hair healthy. Because I get my hair lifted alot to achieve the lighter color I have, I really have to work at protecting it.

You should definitely use specific products for color treated hair. The key is for it to not strip or dull your hair color. No point in paying money to get it done and then the color fades… It doesn’t have to be expensive products either. I use Pantene and L’Oreal’s lines for color treated hair. Some lines even are very specific that you can get a shampoo/condish that is specifically for hair that has been dyed brown. Also, any type of sulfate free shampoo is good because it is not stripping.

I also suggest deep treatments every week. If you have a steamer, use it. Your hair will need moisture because color can be very drying to your hair. If you don’t have a steamer, you can use a hooded hair dryer also.  You will need a great deep conditioner . My favorite is Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery. Some other one’s I like are Motions CPR Critical Protection & Repair Treatment Conditioner and the Neutrogena Triple Moisture Daily Deep Conditioner.