Purchasing Clothing On AliExpress + Review

Purchasing Clothing On AliExpress + Review


AliExpress is one of the leading global marketplaces online. You can get virtually anything for a great price. AliExpress is based in China and I would think that most of the vendors are based there.

Do a search on anything and I bet you will find what you are looking for! I have been looking at clothes on there for a couple of years but never took the plunge and purchased them because I know the sizing can be way off. If you have ever ordered anything from there or from eBay from a Chinese seller, you will know that the sizing is waaayyy different than American sizing. You have to really pay attention to the size charts and convert it into inches. Purchasing clothing from AliExpress (or eBay) really is risky because it takes awhile to get it, it might not fit, and it would cost you more money to ship it back to China if it doesn’t fit. Also, communication can be a slight struggle.

I ordered 2 different items and received one on Tuesday. It took 17 days (including weekends) to arrive so if you need something fast, doublethink AliExpress (unless you are purchasing hair which comes very fast). I am used to that though since I do purchasing on eBay from Asian vendors and sometimes I even forget that I purchased something because it takes so long.

I ordered this romper found here


On sale for $8, I thought this was a great price. I always check the reviews. The great thing about AliExpress reviews is that people provide pictures of the items so you can see what they look like. Also, the reviews are pretty detailed (if you are lucky enough to find enough reviews in English). The images looked good and look like the pictures the vendor provided. Based on the size chart, I ordered an XL. It actually ended up being slightly large. I could’ve gotten one size down. Here is the item straight out the small bag so excuse the wrinkles lol:


The fabric quality was actually quite good. It felt really nice and soft on. That was the first thing I noticed. There were a few loose strings which I have found on many clothing items I purchase from Asian vendors. Slight irregularities you may find. The tassles at the waist on the drawstring were definitely not on point, but to me that was such a small thing that no one would notice. It just didn’t look “clean” only on the tassles. Otherwise, all the hems looked nice, the zipper in the back worked properly, I would say it was worth the $8. DSC05463 DSC05458 DSC05467 DSC05460

Okay, now I must iron this before I wear it lol. Check out the store on AliExpress where I purchased this AliExpress-New Concept.

I will be sure to post my review of my second outfit that should be coming in by next week. I hope it looks like the image!