Protective Style – Part 2 – Twists + Social Events + Working Out

I am loving my twists!! It’s been over a week and it is perfect for me. It gets me through work, social events, AND working out (except it adds like 1 or 2 lbs to me lol).

I pretty much have been wearing it in a high or low bun everyday: Check out the looks:

photo 1-5

photo 3-4photo 4-4

At night, I take the buns down and put a bonnet on it. If I don’t take it down, then the bonnet won’t stay secure.

Next weekend, I will probably re-do the ones on the perimeter of my head to make sure it looks neat. Since I am only wearing them up or back, I just need to make sure the outside looks good. Also I will still wash my hair too. Probably today actually to cleanse my scalp. I’m sure it will take forever to dry though 🙁

What’s your favorite protective styles?


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