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Pole Dance/Fitness Anyone?

Pole Dance/Fitness Anyone?

These past couple of months have been awesome! While I have stopped going to the gym as frequently, I have switched to my first love- Dance! I have been a dancer since I was 4 years old. I took ballet, tap and jazz from pre-school age through high school. In high school and in college, I was on the dance teams. When I gained weight, I didn’t feel much like taking dance classes but my cousin recently got me back into dancing.

My cousin invited me to the studio she goes to in South West Atlanta area where I live called Ladies 1st Dance & Fitness Club for a “Twerking” class. Yep, you read that right! Twerk class. OMG It was sooo much fun. I did Zumba regularly, but definitely wanted to try something different. Twerk class brought back that fire in me to start back with dance classes. After that, I decided to take a “Caribbean Fire” class taught by Eshe of the Grammy Award winning group Arrested Development. She is an AMAZING dancer and I saw her perform a couple of years ago at The Essence Festival and WOW! She will just make you want to get up and dance!  That was a series where we learned a full dance. Her spirit is just absolutely amazing!

While I was taking classes at Ladies 1st, I was also introduced to another studio called Pole La Teaz by a friend LaNise. She let me use her free class for a “Jiggle It” class and as soon as I got in and saw the poles, I wanted to try it out!!! I took an intro class at Pole La Teaz and immediately signed up for a Pole Dance series!

I started Series 1 in September. It’s an 8 week series where we learn the basics of pole dancing, and then at the end, we have “Graduation” and perform in front of our “Pole Sisters”. I am so excited. I am pretty bruised up already (lol at how the pole jumps out at my leg lol).

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 11.57.36 AM

I am loving the experience. It is helping with my confidence and helping me be more comfortable dancing in front of people. I have been taking tons of classes there these months which includes some stretching classes, floor classes, and leg classes. I am determined to be great at Pole Dancing. lol Have I mentioned how it can keep you in shape? Your body gets a true work out!! I am STILL losing weight and almost in the 150’s! (Can you believe I was over 200 lbs just in January!!!)  I have no aspirations to be a stripper lol, but it is something fun and different to do. Check out my spins that I can do so far:

My graduation from Level 1 is next weekend!! Eeekkk!! I am excited though. Still working on my song choice and outfit! Ay yi yi! I will be filming and posting it online 🙂