Pics from my birthday dinner!

Here are pics from my birthday dinner!

My friend Amber and I. She is about to start a blog. She has awesome big hair. I will share the details later.


My friend Joshalyn and I. It was her birthday too!


My friend Telia. She is natural too! She has been natural all her life but wears her hair straight ALL the time. Ughhh! Its so cute wavy. Her hair looks like Chillis.


My friend Christina and I. She has gone I think a year without a relaxer


My friend Cache’t. She is full natural. You may remember I did her big chop.


Jamie and Cecilyn and myself.


My friend Amber again. She blew out her hair



curly comments!

  • You look beautiful lexi!! Just fierce!!!

  • Daisy

    Nice pics looks like a nice dinner and fun times

  • Kinkycurlycoil

    Pretty Pics! Happy Be-lated

  • Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing the pics & happy belated birthday!

  • J baby

    I love these.. such good pics!