PhytoSpecific Review- Intense Nutrition Mask & Moisturizing Styling Balm

I got a chance to review PhytoSpecific products and the first one I tried out was the Intense Nutrition Mask.  If you follow my videos, you probably remember me using it with my Salonsrus Steamer. So after cleaning up and organizing, for some reason I haven’t found it since so I was sooo happy to get some more to review. It has Illipe butter, mango oil, and Quinoa milk. Of course because I have serious color, I have to be careful about the types of shampoos and conditioners I use. This conditioner is totally safe for color and is made to soften hair. Everything it says it totally does!! Unlike the last time, I didn’t use the steamer and it still made my hair very smooth and shiny.

I put on the conditioner and then combed it through to get from root to tip. After leaving it on for about 30 minutes, I washed it out and instant smoothness. I actually used this before I blew my hair out. I know I needed a high quality product since this was my first time using heat on my hair since the new color.

After using the Intense Nutrition Mask, I blew out my hair and used the Moisturizing Styling Balm. It has Quinoa Oil, hibiscus and althea extracts, and sunflower extract. You can apply this on dry hair daily. It can help to smooth down hair. I used this  because its not water based and wouldn’t revert my hair since I was doing a braidout on a blow out.  This provided a slight hold but not to the point where you could even feel the hold and it wasn’t sticky. It also says its great for split ends so I will be sure to apply it daily to my ends 🙂

I’m definitely loving Phyto Products. Have any of you tried any Phyto Specific products? If so , which one, and how did you like it?

btw, I have seen these products at Sephora and the first product I tried was the