Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade

My first hair product love was Paul Mitchell‘s Foaming Pommade. When I went natural, it wasn’t like it is now. I was a hair outcast–everyone else in Atlanta was getting fabulous weaves and I was cutting my hair all off and wearing it natural. I had nowhere to turn. I happened to be in Stonecrest Mall (Lithonia, GA) and was walking by a salon and asked for recommendations. I was told the Foaming Pommade was the best, but they didn’t have any available at the time. I rushed to the nearest BSS to pick some up. The first time I put it in my hair, I got instant definition…like INSTANT. This was my go-to product that I somehow lost touch of. I think with the abundance of products for thick curly hair…and yall know I like to try them all…my PM kinda got pushed to the back of my hair product closets. No lost love though..always a great product. I decided to use it last night on my Wash & Go.

I love the FP because it gives me super definition. I used a diffuser to dry my hair- because I am always in a rush of course. Here are the results using the Foaming Pommade: