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Party Idea- Black Owned Card Game Options

Party Idea- Black Owned Card Game Options

I absolutely love game nights. I’m not talking playing monopoly with friends…I’m talking about group interactive, fun games!

In December, I went over a friend’s friend’s house for dinner and it turned into co-ed game night. Even though I didn’t know half of the people in attendance, it was fun to answer questions and debate.

Last week, Dionne of @ClosetWhisperer and I decided to host one at Trilogy lounge for some of our close friends. We had so much fun using different apps and games for our uncensored adult night.

Check out these fun games that are Black businesses:

Cuff Cards

Cuff cards are super fun and uncensored. This is definitely for adults. The questions range from basic dating to sex so if you aren’t very open– or don’t want to be open around your friends– don’t play this lol. As soon as I received these cards, I picked out random cards and the questions were so good. I post questions every now and then on my instagram stories so I can get answers from some of the people who follow me. No judgment allowed during this game.

Black Card Revoked /Girls Night Out

Having the same owner, both games definitely spark a lot of fun, healthy debate. These games are majority rules so it may be a lot of people yelling over each other lol, but it’s all in fun! Black Card Revoked is a family game so you won’t have to skip over some cards if there are teens around. Girls Night Out is for adults— you may not want your mom around for this.


Full Disclosure- The Dating Game

This game has different components in it. All dating based, some are majority rules, some questions only go to men or women, and some are multiple choice. You can’t get bored with this game. They even have “Petty Cards” which can take points away from other participants.


Look out for our game-night in April that will be open to the public- we’ll incorporate different fun games!