Pantene Truly Natural Review- Shampoo, Condish, & Serum

Pantene Truly Natural Review- Shampoo, Condish, & Serum

Yay! So I have been waiting to try out the new Pantene Truly Natural line. A couple of weeks back, I talked about the products after seeing it on The Wendy Williams show (see post here) Up until then, I wasn’t really aware that they had broken down the popular line into a Truly Natural and Truly Relaxed lines with several products.

I received the Clarifying Shampoo, the Deep Conditioner, and the Shine Serum With Argan Oil to try out in my hair. I am already a huge fan of Pantene ( who isn’t?!) and couldn’t wait to try these new products.

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With the Clarifying Shampoo, you know how generally these type of shampoos make your hair feel really icky after using it? Well, this did not do that. I could tell it completely got all of my old product out, but it didn’t feel dried out or weird after using it. I just finger combed with the product in. With a clarifying shampoo I like to just focus on the cleansing- getting to my scalp and all throughout my hair. ( I had major buildup from going to the gym and sweating alot plus products)

Next up, I put in the Deep Conditioner. I detangled my hair from tips to root with my paddle brush. Detangling was a BREEZE! My hair clumped up perfectly with the conditioner in as I brushed through. After doing that, I smoothed down the conditioner in each section to make sure I didn’t miss any areas and to make sure it was thoroughly detangled.  A+ for the Deep Conditioner. Loved it and it’s a great price point ( I ran into to Target to check all the prices!)

Out of the shower, my hair was nice and fresh. I kept it dripping wet. I purchased some of the Defining Curls Styling Custard so decided to use that to define my curls for my wash & go. After putting that in sections, I put some of the Shine Serum With Argan Oil. The serum was not greasy at all and had a nice smell. I put that as the finisher.

Results: Fresh curls that are poppin’ with shine!! I love the look. When I want a tamed look sometimes I will use custards like this to keep my hair from frizzing up and then a serum on top to keep it nice and shiny! This definitely did the job!

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I’m really feeling this new Pantene line!



Truly Relaxed and Truly Natural – Two collections From Pantene for healthier hair* no matter what your style.

*Vs. non-conditioning shampoo


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