Pantene Curly Series Review- Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Moisturizing Treatment, and the Light Conditioning Detangler

I am so happy to finally review Pantene’s new Curly Series. Today I used the shampoo, the conditioner, the deep conditioner and the detangler.

Shampoo: So the shampoo, I really wasn’t feeling. I have used sulfate free shampoos for so long that anytime I use a shampoo that does had sulfates, it doesn’t feel too good. That doesn’t mean it will have the effect on everyone else’s hair though. This is just my experience.

Conditioner: I looovveedd the conditioner. I was able to detangle my hair very well with the conditioner. It provided much slip. The smell is also amazing like most Pantene products. Great price too.

Deep Moisturizing Treatment: This is a great deal! I don’t know how to explain this or if anyone has had this happen- but have you ever put something on your hair and while you are putting it in you immediately know its about to be great? Well, thats how I felt. I knew that after 5 minutes and then washing it out that my hair was going to feel amazing…as it did! Next time I may sit under the steamer with it.

If you saw how my hair was in the beginning, you will see that my hair was very tangled. It didn’t take any time for me to detangler my hair using the Conditioner and Deep Conditioner.

Light Conditioning Detangler: The Detangler is a spray type of leave in conditioner. It did provide some slip and my comb glided through fairly easy. I did this when I got out of the shower.

I have more products from this line that I will be reviewing. Stay tuned.