My #FDFabulous time with Family Dollar and Aunt Jackies


Last week I was an influencer featured at the Family Dollar #FDFabulous + House Of Cheatham event in Atlanta held at The Loft at Castleberry Hill. Myself, along with influencers Mimi from, Monica from , Bee from, Titi from, and Tarin from spent the evening hanging out and learning more about…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

#CurlyAndFit Join The New Atlanta for Mom & Teen Get Fit Session 2/4

Mom & Teen Get Fit Session (1)

It is important that we strive for a healthy lifestyle. Some people can get through life fine without having to work out much. Some people, like myself, HAVE to go to workouts and adjust my eating habits. One thing that will help for teenagers, is for them to see their moms getting serious about their…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

Turbans & Curls


After a week of my rod set, I decided to rock a turban and let my curls peek through. Jessica from hooked up my turban and voila!! Next time I am at the end of a hairstyle, I am definitely going to throw this turban on! I love this turban. Now I need to…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

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