I keep hearing about putting honey in your hair. I want to try this. I have been so afraid that I will be outside in the sun and bees start swarming my hair.  So I have read around. They say to put one to two tablespoons of honey in your conditioner. It adds moisture and shine and cleanses…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

What does it mean to go CG?

Curly Girl (CG) is a book by Lorraine Massey. I had a chance to read this book when I was at Curltopia Salon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She suggest you “co-wash” (conditioner wash) instead of using shampoo. (From wikihow.com) Most shampoos contain harsh, drying sulfates that are extremely damaging for curly hair (ammonium laureth…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

New Mizani Products for Curly Hair

I ran across these new products. I may check them out, depending on the price. Sometimes the BSS near my house has Mizani on sale.   COCONUT SOUFFLE LIGHT MOISTURIZING HAIRDRESS MINERAL OIL AND PETROLATUM-FREE FORMULA Natural coils and curls—and even some wavy hair types—require extra moisture, protection and style control. New whipped-texture, Coconut Soufflé…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

Sorry for no posts

I’m so sorry about the delay. I really would love to post 2 entries a day, but time has not been on my side. I work 13 hour days so it’s difficult for me to keep up on this.  It will definitely pick up soon. Sorry. Thank you all for coming to the site.

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