I’m trying to not mess with my hair too much because of this color in my hair. These tangles are driving me crazy. My hair get soooo tangled at the roots to the point where it is unbearable. The ends don’t tangle that much….but with it being at the roots, I have to be super…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

Hair Myths by made an article about Hair Myths. Here are some that I thought natural hair people would be interested in hearing: 1. True or False? Frequent Trims Make Your Hair Grow Faster FALSE. “Hair grows from the roots, not the tips,” says Michael Wright, senior research scientist at Nexxus Salon Hair Care. A trim removes…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

Products specifically for Natural Ladies

I wanted to do a post where I list of some hair care lines for curly, coily, and kinky hair: Best Known For: Curly Pudding  BKF: Curls Milkshake  BKF: Nourish and Shine BKF: Kinky Curly Curling Custard BKF: Leave In Conditioner BKF:  No-Poo Cleanser   Check their sites out.


I keep hearing about putting honey in your hair. I want to try this. I have been so afraid that I will be outside in the sun and bees start swarming my hair.  So I have read around. They say to put one to two tablespoons of honey in your conditioner. It adds moisture and shine and cleanses…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

What does it mean to go CG?

Curly Girl (CG) is a book by Lorraine Massey. I had a chance to read this book when I was at Curltopia Salon and I thoroughly enjoyed it. She suggest you “co-wash” (conditioner wash) instead of using shampoo. (From Most shampoos contain harsh, drying sulfates that are extremely damaging for curly hair (ammonium laureth…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

New Mizani Products for Curly Hair

I ran across these new products. I may check them out, depending on the price. Sometimes the BSS near my house has Mizani on sale.   COCONUT SOUFFLE LIGHT MOISTURIZING HAIRDRESS MINERAL OIL AND PETROLATUM-FREE FORMULA Natural coils and curls—and even some wavy hair types—require extra moisture, protection and style control. New whipped-texture, Coconut Soufflé…. CONTINUE READING THIS POST →

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