OUT With The Old, IN With The New – Sponsored by Kotex

OUT With The Old, IN With The New – Sponsored by Kotex

Out with the old and in with the new is definitely my theme. I am constantly evolving and changing and refuse to be stagnant.

So what are some things I throw out and bring in the new?


In the past, I used to hoard clothes: clothes that were so cute that no longer fit me, clothes I get as gifts but don’t wear, etc…  I used to be bad at it. My boyfriend would say “I’ve never seen you wear this?” and try to convince me to throw it away. I used to have a BAD habit of keeping everything since like college–knowing I will never be (nor am I trying to be) a size 6 again.


I make 2 piles- Donate and Consign

  • I think, “Have I worn this this season?”. If not, I put it in either pile. If it’s worth some money, definitely consign.
  • “Will this come back in style?” I have to go through to see if its something that has the potential to come back in style.
  • Is it just plain old? If it’s faded and dingy looking, I need to give it up.
  • Does it fit? Literally and figuratively. Does it still fit my size and does it fight in with my lifestyle. I know I don’t go to alot of balls so I would probably consign gowns I had. Also, I live in Atlanta. It doesn’t get very cold except for about a month or so, so I can get rid of these huge sweaters


  • I look for new trends- (Always on sale or at a thrift/consignment store of course) Times change, fashion and beauty change with it. I like to keep up a little with trends but still not compromising my “style”
  • Buy new and improved items. I am older now, so quality is more important to me then it was 3 or 4 years ago. The stuff  I bought then were the type of clothing that will have holes or be dull after one wash.
  • Find clothes that fit my shape. So my weight is kinda up and down, so generally season to season, I may need to adjust the items I have already and tailor them to fit my body and to make sure it complements my body type

What do you purge from season to season?

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