Style Influencers Group & @MyAfricanPride’s #WeAreBlackHistory Campaign Honors Inspirational Black Men

Style Influencers Group & @MyAfricanPride’s #WeAreBlackHistory Campaign Honors Inspirational Black Men

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Last year we had this epic idea to honor Black women and recreating images with some of our influencer friends and journalists. Last year we got some amazing feedback that we had to do it again but do things a little differently. We decided to honor our men. We pulled our resources together and came up with a great group of influential men who are making moves in the Digital space.

This year we enlisted in our favorite hair company Strength of Nature to see if they would be interested in participating. It was only fitting that African Pride decided to join us on this campaign. African Pride & Black History Month go hand in hand. We are honoring those before us who helped build this country and our race.

Anslem-Rocque-as-Jackie-Robinson DeRay-McKesson-as-Martin-Luther-King-Jr Reggie-Osse-as-Paul-Robeson

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Deray Mckesson (as Martin Luther King, Jr.) Twitter: @Deray Instagram: @IAmDeray | Reggie Ossè (as Paul Robeson) Twitter:@Combat_Jack Instagram: @CombatJackShow @ReggieOsse | Anslem Samuel Rocque (as Jackie Robinson) Twitter and Instagram:@IAmARocque @EssenceMag | Kazeem Famuyide (as Richard Wright) Twitter and Instagram: @RealLifeKaz @TheStashed | Jared Michael Lowe (as Langston Hughes) Twitter: @JaredMichaelLowe @LoweFactor | Curran J. (as Malcolm X) Twitter and Instagram:@Curran_J Instagram: @KingsRuleTogether Twitter: @KRT_Updates | Cory Townes (as W.E.B. Dubois) Twitter and Instagram: @CoryTownesJoshua Bennett (as Frederick Douglass) Twitter and Instagram: @SirJoshBennett @TheStriversRow


Presented by: African Pride @MyAfricanPride | Commissioned by: Style Influencers Group @StyleInfluencers | Photography and Creative Direction: Jerome A. Shaw @PhotosbyRome | Styling: Kristina Taylor @Ettiket | Skin-Perfecting: Alana Wright @AlanaWrightMakeup | Grooming: Akeesha Edwards @AkeeshatheHairDiva1 from The Teknique Agency @TekniqueAgency | Videography: Joe Chea @Joe_Chea