Ouidad Double Detangler Review


Point blank. It definitely detangled my hair and soooo cut down the time for my detangle days. It actually makes it easier for my next detangle days as well. Because I have alot of hair, the comb does kinda get heavy towards the end but its because I have ALOT of hair. I actually don’t even see it as being heavy until towards the end if that makes sense.

All in all, the comb definitely helped me out moreso than my Paddle Brush and Denman. I still love my denman to clump, but definitely LOVE the Ouidad Double Detangler to detangle the hair. I wanted to use it for a couple of weeks before doing a review. Each time, it never failed me. I most likely will do a video review soon too. Things have been kind of busy lately.

The comb is $24