Origins Mini-Facial + Their BB Cream

After the Fashion Fair and Sam Fine event ( will post soon), I was perusing around Lenox Mall and was looking at different cosmetics. I decided to check out this BB (beauty balm) craze! I remember seeing on Shake Your Beauty‘s blog that Origins has a great BB cream that works well with women of color too ( I checked out some other brands and would you believe that the darkest shade offered wasn’t even my color)

So I headed over to their store inside of Macy’s.  As I looked at their BB creams, I saw a lady getting a nice calming mini-facial so I decided to try it out. I told them that I am mostly concerned about hyperpigmentation. Asia gave me a mini facial using the Brighter By Nature line

Brighter By Nature™ Skin tone correcting serum
Brighter By Nature™ High-potency brightening peel with fruit acids
Modern Friction™ Nature’s gentle dermabrasion
Mega-Bright Skin tone correcting serum
Brighter By Nature™ SPF 35 Skin tone correcting moisturizer

It was such a soothing experience.

OMG! My face looked so great! It was bright and just looked totally different than when I walked in (sans makeup). My skin felt great and I was ready for makeup.

Next, Charlene put on my makeup. She started with the eyes using tones to complement my dress and then used a little concealer and then the famous BB cream (A Perfect World™ SPF 15Age-defense tinted moisturizer with White Tea). The BB cream I thought provided great coverage. It is tinted, but it has a nice natural look and applies and feels like a moisturizer. That is much easier for my face in the summer…not to mention,  I try not to use liquid foundation in the summer because I sweat so much! My skin felt great and had a nice light coverage.

Thanks to the ladies at Origins in Macy’s in Lenox Mall. Go check them out. If you are in another state, check them out in your area! You won’t be disappointed in their complimentary mini-facial or their all natural skincare.

I purchased the BB cream and the Brighter By Nature™ SPF 35 Skin tone correcting moisturizer!