Oprah takes a look at “Good Hair” with Chris Rock Today

Funny Moments: Chris Rock running his fingers through Oprah’s hair. I was surprised to see her real hair out. It is refreshing to see that she has a head full of hair underneath the weaves and wigs. She keeps getting him to touch her hair. Lol She was so proud of her hair you could tell.

Hmmm Chris Rock saw a picture of Oprah as a youngin with Natural hair and said “You look like a slave” Is he saying that if you have natural hair that isnt “done” you look like a slave? Maybe I’m looking too deep into it. My bf said I was looking too deep and that it was a joke.

The next picture when she looked about 7 and it was in two pigtails, he commented that that was when she was freed.

The picture with the Afro- he said she was going out to Maya Angelous house for dinner.

I get the jokes and laughter, but I dont know…a slave? Unfortunately that is the way alot of people think that natural hair looks like a “slaves” hair so it was just a touchy joke to say.

It was nice to see caucasians take on their hair. 4 people touch their hair (washing, cutting, coloring, and styling) ¬†before they come out of the salon. Also, most white women don’t have their natural hair color. Also, with their hair being thin, it seems they get extensions to make their hair appear thicker rather than for length.

Solange felt like when she took her hair out, she didnt feel pretty. She looks gorgeous with her short cut. She wanted to be “free from the bondage”

“Do your hair for you. Dont worry about what these white people say, dont worry about what these men say. Do your¬†hair for you and you will be happy”- Chris Rock