OPI Shatter Review

So every great nail salon in ATL has stepped their game up and does either OPI Shatter or China Glaze Crackle. I was told at my beauty supply store that Shatter is better….Anyway, so instead of me paying a place to do it…I figured, Why not buy it for 7.99?? I usually won’t spend that much on nail polish (except for Deborah Lippman’s Happy Birthday thanks to Addicted To All Things Pretty )

So I decided to use multiple colors as the base to see what type of cool effect it would have after I put the Shatter on. First, I had to do some research so I watched several videos online and from what I saw–people claimed it “Shattered” better when you put a top coat in between your base colors and Shatter. So I made sure to do that. The claim is that it comes out more vibrant.

I decided to do it on my toes because I tried on my Gelish nails at the salon, and it was a no go.   Before you all joke me, my toes ARE NOT in good shape. I just put them on my toes to see how it looks. I need a pedicure bad.

So I am kinda confused on how much polish to use. From watching people online, it looks like the heavier you put the Shatter on, the more defined it looks after it shatters. The lighter, the the smaller lines. I am definitely going to play around with this for a bit. I wasn’t impressed but I’m not putting that on the product…I just need to try it again. I took off my other big toe and tried it again…but I just need to get a good flow going…I will update you all.