CARGO HD Picture Perfect CC Cream + Pur Contour Stick

CARGO HD Picture Perfect CC Cream + Pur Contour Stick

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The December ONYX Box has multiple hair products and CARGO HD Picture Perfect CC Cream. I haven’t totally jumped on the BB/CC Cream year-round but I do love them in the Summer because it’s lightweight. I received the CC Cream in Medium/Dark.

I didn’t know what it was going to look like but I definitely didn’t expect a White-ish color. After reading the box, it says that it has color adapting pigments and transforms in your skin color as you apply it. In addition to evening out skintone, it provides all the goodness of CC creams- hydration, treating & protection.

Applying it to my face definitely seemed like applying a moisturizer which I liked. As I buffed it into my skin, the color blended in to my skin leaving a nice natural look!

From there, I took the new PUR Cameo Contour Stick. Over the past year, I have really been trying to perfect contouring my face. I am getting better as time goes on the more I practice. For a makeup newbie like me who is not a MUA, I need something easy and direct. Their contour sticks make it super simple. One side is the highlight and the other side is the contour. They give you directions on where to apply each if you are uncertain. I love that their contour stick comes with a Contour Blending Sponge. It is different than the standard ones because it has a slanted end as well that assist for easy blending. I used their sponge during this process.

I applied the highlight under my eye in a “V” shape and in the center of my forehead.

I applied the contour under my cheekbone and jawline as well as my hair line.

Both formulas were super creamy and went on very smooth! I literally only needed to swipe once and I was good to go.

From there, I dampened the sponge and blended out the highlighter first and then the contour until all the harsh lines were gone.

After that, I added a little Gerard Cosmetics Marilyn Star Powder highlighter above my cheekbone, the tip of my nose, and above my cupid’s bow

Here is my final look.

cargo hd cc cream medium dark pur cameo contour stick tanDSC07059



Okay so basically I was impressed by both products extremely. (1) The CARGO HD CC Cream actually made me have a nice even complexion a la regular foundation but it’s more like a moisturizer. I was pleasantly surprised at the look it gave! Love it!!  (2) The PUR Cameo Contour Stick is everything!! It’s so easy to use and smooth and creamy. I also love the fact that it comes with the sponge so you literally don’t need any extra brushes for it.

Both of these are great for the non-makeup pro, and I’m sure makeup pros would love it too. I’m all about easy application and not having to use 10 different items to get a nice overall look. It didn’t take long at all either. I can’t wait to use both of these products more!