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#OnLocationWithLexi Nevada Distilleries & Breweries

#OnLocationWithLexi Nevada Distilleries & Breweries

I had an amazing time on my trip to Nevada. I visited two distilleries and really got to learn the ins and outs of maybe beer and vodka

Who knew it was so much work?!? Seeing how the operations work really shows you how much it takes from creation, to packaging to getting to your favorite bars.

First we headed to the Frey Ranch Estate Distillery.

This is the only estate distillery and estate winery in the world. They make vodka , whiskey, bourbon and absinthe which I was nervous to try.

The land was absolutely beautiful. Literally the skies were clear and you could see for miles on their beautiful property.

The Depot Craft Brewery & Distillery

This is Nevada’s only combined brewery and distillery. Fairly new, they create 26 beers and 8 spirits in their facility. I was so impressed because the owner is very young. I love to see successful business ran by young entrepreneurs.

The drinks were amazing and the food was on point. I’m a pescatarian so I got the delicious salmon.

Thanks so much for letting us come visit your facilities!