#OnLocationWithLexi Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL

#OnLocationWithLexi Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL

You’re probably confused right now. “Mardi Gras in Mobile?!?”

That’s right! The original Mardi Gras is in Mobile, Alabama. Mobile also used to be the capital of Louisiana. Mind blowing, right? Unless you grew up in that area, you probably wouldn’t be familiar.

I was super excited to head to Mardi Gras with my mom as we were invited to the Mardi Gras Maskers Ball. Everyone came in with their long gowns , tuxes, and furs.

Each table was decorated to the theme of the ball– in this case it was Under The Sea incorporating stories from The Little Mermaid.

This was on my table with a gift inside.


I found an older dress I had that I wore to Nene’s wedding. It still fit luckily. Our hostess Ms Carol gave me a mask to wear and of course I picked up red.


I had a great time at the ball and seeing everyone’s beautiful dressed and masks.



The next day I went to a parade. Let’s just say I got hit in the head a lot lol. They don’t play with the beads , hula hoops, moon pies and more that they throw out. While it was a fun experience and I enjoyed the floats and the bands, definitely be prepared to duck or have great reflex to catch everything that comes your way.

img_1141.jpgimg_1143.jpgI had a great time in Mobile and am looking forward to the ball next year.