#OnLocationWithLexi in Amsterdam

#OnLocationWithLexi in Amsterdam

I love to travel… but I travel on a budget. Anytime I see a great travel deal, if I have the extra money, I’ll jump on the deal. 

I found a deal for the summer for $360 RT to Amsterdam from Atlanta so why not? I put it on my personal Facebook page and reached out to friends and no one purchased so I had to go by myself. 

Amsterdam was actually a great place to go on a solo trip. It’s very safe, everyone is very friendly and pretty much everyone speaks English. 

I am in Nomadness Travel Tribe so I did reach out to some people that were going to be in AMS at the same time and connected with someone who happens to live in ATL and was there for work. Perfect! In the evenings I connected with her. Any country I go, I generally try to connect with SOMEONE before I get there. I usually reach out to friends and ask them to connect me to people that live there. I love to do local things and the best way to do that is to connect with locals that have some connection to you. 

I really didn’t have many plans. I just went with the flow. Check out my pics:

The Food

Omg the food was amazing. I have a list of recommendations and by far, my favorite food there was the pizza!! Yep… pizza from La Perla. I went there twice 😩😩😩

While riding around in Uber solo, I noticed this small restaurant called Moeders. When I got to my destination I was starving. I looked on yelp for good restaurants within walking distance and they popped up. 

This was local Dutch food. It was harrdddd to find local food. Every food seemed to be from every other country besides The Netherlands- there was Argentinian, Surinamese, and pretty much everything else.  This meal was a top favorite of mine!! 

Oh and make reservations everywhere!!

This meal— omg- it tastes as good as it looks. Cannibal Royale seemed like the appropriate name. Apparently their burgers are amazing but I tried the rack of ribs. Who would think of BBQ in AMS??

Dessert!! I guess I never thought about Dutch Apple Pie being … Dutch lol. I was recommended to go to Winkel 43. It was as epic as they say. I wish they served it with ice cream though!!

The Sights and Sites

They have I think 3 “iAmsterdam” signs and I took pics in front of two. I ran into a Que from the states so we took a pic together. 

The canals were just so beautiful that I found myself taking many pictures. The canals are basically every 300 ft lol. It’s so beautiful. 

Keukenhof Gardens

We did a day trip tour to the gardens and they were so beautiful. They are only around for three months and I seemingly came at the perfect time. Unfortunately the rows and rows of tulips they usually have were done for the season so what I really wanted to see didn’t happen but it was still beautiful and smelled amazing. 

I found a couple of dope street art. AMS definitely isn’t a place with a lot of street art ( at least in the areas I walked around) but it’s still a very artistic place with several nice museums. 
Anne Frank museum

I went to the Anne Frank museum and it was a very emotional tour. It’s in the actual house where the Franks and other families were hidden in the attic of a business. I would definitely stop by this tour if you visit amsterdam. 

I had a great time in Amsterdam. Next time I would go with a group of people. Definitely is a place that would be a ton of fun in groups. Solo it was very peaceful to walk around and explore. I loved how safe it was. I’ll be back!!