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#OnLocationWithLexi Beachin’ In Varadero, Cuba

#OnLocationWithLexi Beachin’ In Varadero, Cuba

Don’t make a trip to Havana without going to the beach. Varadero beach was the highlight of my birthday trip to Cuba. It’s definitely in my top three beaches I have visited and I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

What’s a great beach to me? Beautiful sand, no trash, and clear water that’s calm make a beautiful beach. Varadero over delivered for me

For the 3 hour ride to this beach city, expect to spend around $150-190. The driver will stay all day and take you back. Would definitely recommend you go that route. You may spend $100 just one way and you don’t want to get caught up with a crazy price back to Havana.

The ride itself is very nice and a huge difference from Havana. You’ll see a drastic change just 15 minutes outside the city. It’s nice to venture out in countries and see all sides and different types of neighborhoods.

Once you arrive to this beach town, you won’t want to rest. Hop straight in the water. Stay a day or two if your schedule allows. The next time I go to Cuba, Varadero is my first stop!