Official Launch

This is the official launch of my new website. It has been a work in progress because I wanted it to look nice before I started telling everyone about it. I also wanted to have enough post up so the first time you are viewing the site, you have plenty of posts to read besides the Intro one. Any ideas or anything, let me know. I’m super excited.


curly comments!

  • Watchfuleye2008

    Congrats on the new site Lexi!…I love the color..lavendar is one of my fav!….Look forward to strolling through!….p.s. love your hair and can’t wait to get to the length and fullness you’re at now!…Im surprised there is no pictures of the little doggie : )


  • MiMIbumskins

    I have been wondering where you been! LOL. Congrats on the blog girl!!! LOve the blog, love your hair, I mostly enjoyed the spike lee clip haha. Again congrats and I will be hitting up your blog regularly..

    xoxo MiMi

  • Lena

    I’m a subscriber on YouTube…
    I really like the layout of your blog…It looks good to me.
    Congrats on doing a great job!

  • Nichelle

    Great job on the site!

  • Hello I wanted to know if you are going to the beach what do you do and do you do that night thing
    every night or do you do something else for the night time?

    And when you did the big chop how many days or weeks do you leave the braid or twist in for until the next time to wash and redo?