Obia Natural Hair Review – Twist Out

Obia Natural Hair Review – Twist Out

Last week I decided to try out a new product. My goal is to try out a new product every week until I get through all my product reviews. Last week it was Obia Natural Haircare.

I met the owner of Obia Natural Haircare a couple of weeks ago at Fro Fashion Week and couldn’t wait to try out her products because her hair was extra fabulous!! Not even that, but she is a chemist so she knows her stuff!!

I tried out the Coconut & Shea Shampoo Bar, Curl Hydration Spray,  Curl Moisture Cream , and the Curl Enhancing Custard.

The shampoo bar= amazing. The smell was amazing and it was really easy to use. Sometimes I get so confused with shampoo bars. This one was easy to use. It created light suds pretty quickly and I was able to get to my scalp and thoroughly cleanse my hair.

After conditioning and detangling my hair, I decided to mix the Curl Moisture Cream and the Curl Enhancing Custard . First, I coated the hair with the cream and used a paddle brush to come it through. Then, I took the custard and smoothed it through. I twisted medium sized sections.

photo 3-6

When I took the twists out, I had nice defined and shiny curls!

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photo 4-6

That same day!




This is day 3 of the twist out and I didn’t even re-twist at night like I normally do. I just put on a bonnet.

photo 5-5

I loved the results!! Can’t wait to try it again!

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