NutriSystem Week 5 – FAQs + Current Weight

NutriSystem Week 5 – FAQs + Current Weight

This week, I decided to answer a couple of frequently asked questions that I get ALOT whenever I am out and people notice my weight loss. Everyone pretty much has the same questions so I wanted to share my answers and opinions.

Do you like the food? I honestly like the food ALOT. I grew up eating alot of TV dinners lol so it’s pretty good to  me. I really like the ready made meals that you just have to pop in the microwave. There are some meals that I don’t like because they have ingredients I don’t like. Ewww, I hate onions! lol So besides that, if the item didn’t have onions in it, I liked it. I will admit, I’m not a super picky eater but I do think that everyone, no matter how picky, would find meals that they like. It’s sooo many to chose from.

How many meals do you get a day? You get breakfast, protein shake, lunch, dinner and dessert for each day on the plan I am on. That includes weekends as well. It’s by 28 days.  — Make sure you have plenty of space in your pantry!! lol

Do you have to add any food? Yes. At times you should add a snack or veggies. They give you a booklet that tells you everything that is good to add on.  I typically haven’t been adding on alot. If anything, usually a snack like a mozzarella cheese string or some fruit. Sometimes I will add steamed veggies too.

Is it enough food? There have been times where I get hungry in between lunch and dinner. That is the perfect time for a Protein Shake OR a grocery add in snack. For example, I like to eat lunch around noon…but by the time I work out and get settled to eat dinner, it’s after 6pm. That’s a long period. I have been drinking my shakes in between since its a large amount of time.

I always feel fulfilled with the portions. Who woulda thunk it?? I was always used to eating large portions. For example, last night I was out so I did dinner out. I ordered a buffalo chicken salad. The salad was HUGE. One thing NS has helped me do is work on my portions. I ate only 1/3 of the salad before I gave it up. I thought, “If this was a Nutrisystem meal, how large would it be?” and then I ate just that amount. So the portions to me are just right. I thought I would have to adjust to that, but it actually was no real adjustment. Even when I first started eating NS, I never felt hungry after eating.

Do you have to work out too? They do suggest you work out lightly. Doesn’t just mean you have to go to the gym though. It could be parking further away at your job so you can get your walk on…or even taking the stairs instead of the elevator. They suggest spending some time to move your body. You don’t have to be in the gym 7 days a week to see results!

How are the prices? As most of you know, since I am apart of their blogger program I am not personally paying BUT one thing I noticed is you can always catch a great sale on the Nustrisystem site. The plans typically start from $8- $10 a day. Let’s break that down…that’s like $2 for breakfast, $2 for a protein shake, $2 for lunch, $2 for dinner and $2 for dessert each day. Sounds like a deal to me! And the food is worth well over that breakdown! Anyone that knows me or has followed my site knows I always find bargains so these prices sound great.

Sidenote: I am almost in the 180’s!!! YAY!!!! I don’t remember the last time I was in the 180’s. Maybe like last May. It seems like that last 20lbs I gained I packed on pretty quickly. Now I am trying to get back down to that AND THEN SOME. My goal weight is still around 165 lbs. And I need to get this stomach down! lol I haven’t been in the 170’s for maybe 2 years.

My weight loss track is going great! Trying to get my bikini body by May and it looks like I will be there. If I stay on this same track, by the end of March I might be around 180lbs. And in April I should be in the low-mid 170’s.  Looks like in bikini season I should be on point in May!!

Thanks everyone for the support. It helps me keep my weight-loss momentum up! All the nice comments and encouragement is really helpful!

Me at my current weight:



I am beginning to look slimmer in clothing. Looking slimmer in clothing is big step! Next thing you know, I will look slim with just a bikini on. I’m taking baby steps and I can see the results.



Week 1   Starting weight: 202.8 lbs     Ending weight: 199.7 lbs          Lost 3 lbs

Week 2   Starting weight:  199.7 lbs       Ending weight: 198. 2  lbs     Lost 1.5 lbs

Week 3  Starting weight: 198.2 lbs        Ending weight:    197.1 lbs      Lost  1.1 lbs

Week 4  Starting weight: 197.1                Ending weight:   196.4           Lost  .7 lbs

Week 5  Starting weight 196.4               Ending Weight    193.7         Lost    2.7 lbs

Total Weight Loss on NS    9 lbs off



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Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me with a complimentary food and support over the next 4 months. There is no monetary compensation. All opinions  are solely mine, are honest,  and are based on my experiences.