Nutrisystem- Week 2 – The Journey

Wow! What a week! This is my 2nd week on the Nutrisystem plan!

The weekend was a little touch and go for me. I realize now that sticking with my NutriSystem meals is basically impossible on the weekend because I am out so much and almost all the meals have to be microwaved. So Saturday evening I had a non-Nutrisystem meal and Sunday for lunch I had a non-NS meal.  I’m not even sure how many calories it was. (I should’ve paid attention). I would like to say this won’t be an issue every weekend, but there are always a ton of events I have to go to and I will be unable to heat them up. I could wait until I get home but I know it’s bad to eat late. The only meal that will be difficult for me to eat on the weekends will be be either lunch or dinner so it’s not too bad.  One thing I know I have to do is when I can’t eat a NS meal, I need to eat something comporable to what I have been eating and SMALL portions! They actually have a cool guide for us on what to eat and what not to eat when you are out (Too bad I left it home 🙁  )

Oh, BTW what helps me keep track of what I’m eating, my calories, my exercising, my weight, etc.. is the awesome Nutrisystem App for my iPhone. It keeps everything so organized which is great for me because I am generally unorganized!

Here’s what I ate this week:



Breakfast- Blueberry Muffin (already had and its pretty good) , Lunch- Cheese Tortellini (ahhh, so-so. Not bad, but not the best), Dinner- Something bad lol Non-NS meal Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes and raspberry sauce. I did get home and eat a NS dessert though lol.  Dessert: Chocolate Caramel Bar (this was really good. I love anything with caramel)


Breakfast: Cranberry Orange Pastry (great), Lunch- I forgot what I ate actually. It was a non-NS meal because I was out.  Dinner-Chicken & Dumplings (definitely not a favorite)   Dessert: Milk Chocolate Flavored Pretzels (LOVE! I love a nice mix of salty and sweet)


Breakfast: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal (good! I love oatmeal)   Lunch: Chicken Quesadilla (best lunch so far!!!)   Dinner: Lasagna with Meat Sauce (this was pretty good)  I also did a cup of steamed veggies (cauliflower and broccoli)  Dessert: Ice cream sandwich (Who knew a healthy ice cream sandwich could taste so good?)


Breakfast: Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal (Love this! Tastes as good as the other oatmeal),  Lunch: Three Cheese Pasta with Chicken (this was good)    Later in the day, I ended up having a small cup of steamed veggies. Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie (this was pretty tasty! I love Chicken Pot Pies)   Dessert: Golden pound cake ( I looooovee pound cake)


Breakfast- Breakfast Burrito (This was good! It had beans and eggs and veggies in it)  Lunch: Mac & Cheese with Beef (This was really great, but I messed up! I was rushing in the morning and grabbed a “dinner” instead of a “lunch” )  Dinner: Rotini & Meatballs (This was really good!!)  Dessert: No dessert today. You know, sometimes I find myself eating desserts just because they are there knowing I am not hungry. I am going to try to get better at that.


Breakfast: Cinnamon Bun (OMG this was soooo good! You heat it up)  Lunch: Chicken Fajita Melt ( This was really good and I don’t even eat onions and peppers)   I ate lunch a little too early and knew I wouldn’t be home until late so I grabbed a light salad with boiled eggs around 3pm from a salad bar.  Dinner: Ravioli in Basil Tomato Sauce  (Yuumm! I love pastas) Dessert: Chocolate Brownie Sundae (this was realllyyy good!!)


Breakfast: Golden French Toast (this came frozen and you heat up! Usually when I get frozen pancakes or french toast from grocery store brands, when you heat it up its a weird mushy bread…well the NS one, It tastes fresh like I just make it on my griddle iron! )

I worked out for a total of 4 hours so far this week-  one hour a day Mon-Thursday (I may even work out lightly tonight).

I drink about 5 glasses of water a day! I’m headed towards 8!!

Week 1   Starting weight: 202.8 lbs     Ending weight: 199.7 lbs      Lost 3 lbs

Week 2   Starting weight:  199.7 lbs       Ending weight: 198. 2  lbs     Lost 1.5 lbs

Once I hit 10 lbs weight loss, I will share my pics and measurement change as well!


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Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me with a complimentary food and support over the next 4 months. There is no monetary compensation. All opinions  are solely mine, are honest,  and are based on my experiences.