Nutrisystem- Week 1 – Recap & Review

Nutrisystem- Week 1 – Recap & Review

Yay!!! I received my Nutrisystem packages earlier this week and boy is it alot of food!!! It was cool cause it made me clean out my freezer, fridge and pantry lol. I received a full months worth (28 days) of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert!!!

First impressions- The packaging was great. I don’t know what I expected it to look like, but the packaging looked very nice and the info on the packages was very informing. To top it off, all items are color-coded so you know by looking what type of meal it is!




I received the package Tuesday so I started that evening. Check out my thoughts.


Dinner- Chicken Alfredo – This was really good!!! The chicken tasted so real–not like the chicken when I get other microwaveable meals. You can tell that this is freshly prepared!

Dessert- White Chocolate Chunk Cookies- OMG next month I am probably ordering all cookies for dessert!! They were sooo good.

510 Calories

Exercised- Medium 30 minutes


Breakfast- Cranberry Orange Pastry- Loved this. It really had me feeling good until lunch.

Lunch-  Chicken Parmesan Pasta- Not my favorite, but not horrible either.

Dinner- Homestyle Beef with Mashed Potatoes- Once again, the meat tasted real and fresh. It wasn’t rubbery or anything.

Dessert- Thin Mint Crisp Bar- This bar was really good. I love anything mint + chocolate

 690 Calories

Exercise- 1 hour Zumba class and walked 1 mile


 Breakfast- Cinnamon Streusal Muffin – This muffin was pretty good

Lunch- Chicken Noodle Soup- REALLY good! I will be ordering more soups next go round

Dinner- Tuna Casserole- Surprisingly great! I wasn’t sure how a tuna meal would be, but I ate it up really quickly.

(no dessert) I wasn’t hungry so I skipped dessert (I’m sure I will make it up lol)

5 glasses of water

550 Calories

No exercise


Breakfast- Turkey ham and cheese omelete- Wasn’t sure how a frozen omelete would taste when heated up, but I enjoyed it. I actually just ate it as I typed lol. I feel good. Now I’m about to gulp down this 32 oz water bottle.

Oh yeah, you get a water bottle too that helps you manage your water intake. I am supposed to drink 2 of the 32 oz bottles…but that hasn’t really happened yet. I am working on it.  Baby steps…

So two things- Yay! I’m down 3 lbs in four days from eating better, drinking more water and 2.5 hours of exercise.

And secondly, I am learning that I don’t have to eat alot to feel “fulfilled”. These are much smaller portions than I am used to eating. My eating habits before were No breakfast, large late lunch, large late meal (typically fast food). I haven’t felt the need to run and get extra food. ( I did sneak and grab a handful of cheese puffs one day though 🙁  )

I have to get more into the calorie counting thing. Basically, while I am on Nutrisystem, my whole goal is to learn how to eat like this when I’m done with the program. So it’s a learning process for me. I’m used to eating any and everything and not thinking twice about it. Yay to Nutrisystem!

Starting Weight: 202.8

Ending Weight- 199.7

Can’t wait for more weight loss!


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Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me with a complimentary food and support over the next 4 months. There is no monetary compensation. All opinions  are solely mine, are honest,  and are based on my experiences.