#NOTD Nail Foils – Splatter/crackle effect.

I purchased Nail Foils awhile back on Well I am finally playing around with it more due to this awesome nail Youtuber RobinMosesNailArt . She did a video on how to do a crackle type of method with nail foils. So I took out 2 nail foil colos Plum Drops and Gold Rush and went to work.

Step 1

I have Gelish on so I couldn’t repaint the entire nail–I tried, but it looked funny.  I painted purple about 1/3- 1/2 down the nail. It doesn’t have to be a perfect line. Then I painted black at the tip of that.

Step 2

Use the adhesive that you get with your foils. I put it on just on the black and purple. You make sure you leave a white layer and wait for it to dry

Step 3

After it dries clear, take the foils and place them on the nail for less than a second and pull up really quick. Do it sporadically around the nail to get a cool effect. It starts like this:

I used both color foils. Here is the result:

Hope you all like it. I have to work on it and I have a bunch of cool colors that I can play around with.