No more Sulfates for me

You know how everyone LOVES a conditioner for so long and then they complain about it “stopped working”? I think sometimes our hair gets “used” to products and no longer responds the same way. Not sure if that is what is really going on but I have experienced this.

On the other end, I have stopped using shampoo with sulfates for so long and only do so maybe once or twice a month…and everytime I use a shampoo with sulfates now, my hair feels like pure STRAW. I have to follow up with really great conditioners to get my hair to bounce back. I don’t like that feeling off all of my hair’s natural oils to be gone and for my hair to feel so horrible.

Using sulfate free shampoos helps cleanse my hair and yet still keep the moisture. No more sulfate shampoos for me AT ALL. I think the only reason I use some every now and then is because I don’t want to waste the products and/or I feel like maybe some Shampoos with Sulfates won’t make my hair feel the same way.

I am going to go through my massive hair product collection and donate some of those products to different shelters. It just isn’t making MY hair feel good anymore. I know everyone gets different responses to different shampoos.

What are your favorite Sulfate Free Shampoos?