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Night-Time Routine- Pillow Bonnet by Hair-Routine

Night-Time Routine- Pillow Bonnet by Hair-Routine


I am always looking for better ways to sleep and to maintain my hair. I have a habit of starting my hair later in the day so I am forced to go to sleep with wet hair 🙁  We all know wet hair on a pillow equals nasty in the morning. Your pillow will be wet and have the product from your hair all over it and then your hair is still super wet in the morning. Well, I think I found the solution. The Pillow Bonnet

The pillow bonnet is literally a bonnet for your pillow! It wraps around your pillow and fits standard/queen sized pillows. You can slip it on or off which makes it easy to travel with. Check out some of the benefits of a Pillow Bonnet.

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The owner was so sweet and I was able to get a pillow bonnet at the hair show this weekend after just having a conversation about it with 2 women who have it and LOVE it! I can’t wait to try this out.

The color options are amazing too! I got amethyst which is PERFECT for my color scheme in my bedroom.


For more details and to purchase your Pillow Bonnet, go to