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Night Time Routine- Extensions

I sometimes forget that I have to treat these extensions just like I would my own hair. I forgot that for a couple of moments even though I know better. So the hair on the bottom is the WORST hair. It is totally not like the other 2 bundles I have. It’s from a different company and gets really, really matted and tangled…and the shedding is RIDICULOUS! But I want to keep it in at least another 2 weeks. I am doing a good job. Usually I only keep weaves in for like 3 or 4 weeks. I’m trying to go at least 6.

In May I am getting another weave for a short amount of time. I am going out of the country and I need low maintenance..I don’t want to have to retwist, do wash n go’s in the morning, etc…

So enough about the rant of the knotty weave, but after trying to detangle the back, I did my normal weave night time routine. Because the hair is so long, I don’t want to just leave it out so I make sure to either put it in a bun or do several two strand twists to make it manageable in the morning and to prevent it from getting knotty. Also, this helps keep my actual hair matching well with the weave.

Everytime I get a weave, it works best for me to incorporate my hair into the twists and when I take it out , all of the hair looks the same.

So this is what I did: I combed out the hair and put a moisturizer from Optimum Care in and some oil. I then did 5 chunky twists like this.

And here are some other shots:

This hair is long so it’s very helpful for me to put it into twists and then I take all of the twists and put into a low bun and slip my bonnet on. This has definitely helped me out so it’s not more work than without the extensions.