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New Year’s Resolutions- 2014- Fitness, Pole, Travel & More…

New Year’s Resolutions- 2014- Fitness, Pole, Travel & More…

I used to hate making New Year’s Resolutions because most people don’t stick to them, but BOY did I stick to my 2013 resolution! My #1 resolution was to lose weight in 2013. I went from over 205 lbs in January 2013 to now 160 as of today.


(Dec 2012)


July 2013

I FEEL better, I am more energized and just have more fun all around. That could have to do with my confidence being much better. I didn’t realize realize how much confidence I lacked when I wasn’t happy with my size. ┬áBest of all though, what makes me feel even better is that I have been an inspiration to others. Over the year a ton of friends and readers have come up to me in random cities applauding my weight loss and saying that I have inspired them to jumpstart their weightloss journey. I think that is amazing! All it takes is commitment and you can reach ANY goal!

Let me get into some of my 2014 resolutions!

HAVE MORE FUN- I want to have more fun. 2013 was a blast but I was still getting used to the new me. I just want to have fun this year. I will be 30 this year and that’s a big deal to me! I want to go out more and enjoy myself. Perhaps have a big 30th birthday party!


BECOME AN AWESOME POLE DANCER- Okay, I guess you can say I am obsessed with pole fitness now. I love it. I am learning so much and have so much fun learning new tricks. One of my goals was to be able to perform for an audience and in Feb, I get my wish. I will be performing in the Valentine’s day showcase at a venue in Atlanta. I am super nervous to be dancing by myself in front of a ton of people, but I plan to do the best I can. Will share the deets with you all in case you live in Atlanta and want to support me (PPLEASSEE lol, I need all the support I can get lol) Check out some of my spins.

TRAVEL- This year I am going to be able to knock something off my bucket list- Going to Trinidad for Carnival! I have tried to go once before but could never make the plans so far in advance. Well my plane tickets are purchased, costume is ordered, and body will be ready to go for Carnival in early March! More deets on this soon!

In addition to Trinidad, I will be heading to Barbados to hang with Rihanna (lol, I wish!) and of course my usual New Orleans for Essence Fest, NY , and more.


 RELAX MORE: I want to take time to enjoy moments. Relaxing more and just going with the flow. Basically to just chill out at times!

I guess my goals seem pretty simple and standard. Any goals that you all have for this year?