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My NEW WIG Under $40- Outre Trina Lacefront

My NEW WIG Under $40- Outre Trina Lacefront


I have been trying wigs lately and trying to get the hang of them. I kinda messed up my hair by bleaching it myself…okay, it’s not horrible…but you know when you go from Dark Brown to Blonde, you’re going to get orange first before it goes blonde. I already knew this, BUT I thought it would go blonde in two bleachings….well it didn’t…sooo this lead me to wig shopping. I wanted something BIG and curly!

Outre has been poppin’ on Youtube and I had a couple in mind that I wanted so I decided to hit up my local beauty supply store and look for these wigs on display so I could try them on. I ended up trying on this wig that was SUPER huge in a dark brown and I was told by the sales associate that it is their most popular wig. Here I present to you TRINA from Outre.


On the image on the wig, I didn’t like the part and the straight roots and then curls…but after quickly browsing on Youtube while I tried on wigs, I knew I could totally style this one nicely! I was actually looking for a wig that had my color and most of the curly ones I looked at online didn’t have any blondes. I was so excited to see this one had my color!!!

I feel like Foxy Cleopatra lol



I like it alot! I did a first impressions video too that I will post next week. It fits snug too which I love since my hair is short in the back and I am not able to put the combs in. It was supppppeeerrr secure!!  Go get this one!!