New Unique Nose Rings From AssyrianCreations

New Unique Nose Rings From AssyrianCreations

I absolutely love my nose piercing. I had wanted my nose pierced since I was probably in middle school after seeing Mya's cute nose ring.

Years later I finally got it. I switched a hoop as soon as I was able to. I wanted something different and unique but I don't have the extra money to spend hundreds on a nose ring (a lot of the nice ones are very expensive).

I started browsing Etsy to look for some cute, safe, hoops with some flare to it. I landed on AssyrianCreations. They looked great, the reviews were positive and the price was right!! At $17 a piece, I had to get more than one to start out.

I ordered the Pearlescent Clear and the Green Jade.
The designer even writes a note on the packaging.

As the reviews stated, these nose hoops were great quality. It was very easy to get on as I always struggle when I change out my nose rings.

I definitely recommend nose rings from this vendor on Etsy. You can't beat the price.