New (temporary) Hair Color With Dark & Lovely

New (temporary) Hair Color With Dark & Lovely

Y’all know I like to change my hair up a lot. I’ve been rocking the blonde for awhile and have been wanting some fun colors but opted against it.

I hit up a Dark & Lovely event last month that was hosted by Cynthia Bailey. I was super excited to see that every model there had super fun colors.

I fell in love with ALL of the colors of their new Go Intense Color Spray. They showed up so vibrant on ladies with dark hair so I knew I had to try it out. My first thought was , “this is perfect for weekend hair” and secondly, “does this wash out completely? ” With my having light blonde hair, I want to make sure the color completely goes away. I can’t go into my chapter events with blue hair during the week lol.

I decided to try Rose Gold first.

I absolutely loved the look. I love that it’s temporary especially.

I washed my hair three days later to see if all of the color would come out and it did!!

I can’t wait to try out the different colors.

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